This marks the area around the impact site of the God of Destruction's body. An arid desert, this land is lacking in plant and animal life, though not completely empty.  Much of the creatures are bug-like or small scavengers.

Despite their hardships, there are a number of colonies established throughout the Deadlands, thrown together from leftover bits of metal and machinery.  There are farmers, miners, and craftsman, but a large amount of the inhabitants of this area are bandits.

There are multiple factions that hold control of the Deadlands, including the Horde of the Warmakers and the Cult of the Motor God. There is also a civilization that is rumored to exist in the Scar, the impact site of the God of Destruction's corpse, which dominates the center of the Deadlands, but most fear entering the Scar, as it is very dangerous.

To the north of the Deadlands is the Highlands, which can only be entered through canyons, such as Greyspark Canyon.


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